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  • Labour Day was made a National holiday in Canada in 1894, in recognition of workers struggles to unionize and make their workplaces better. Workers risked fines, harassment and jail time all to gain the right to join a union.


  • The federal election will be held on October 19, 2015. This is our chance to vote for a better future for all Canadians. Those of us that are federal public service workers are also voting for our next employer. Attend a Political Outreach Training Initiative in your area to join our outreach team and help to create change in the upcoming 2015 Federal election.

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    The next federal election will be held on October 19, 2015.On the 19th of every month, we are asking our members to be creative in highlighting the number 19 such as: standing outside your workplace for 19 minutes, wearing a piece of clothing with the number 19 or coming up with the 19 best ways of getting rid of the Harper Conservative government.

  • Time for Change Tour

    This fall we believe we can win a new government, but we need your help.

    Join us for a time for change event in your community to see how you can get involved. These short and fun events will be a great opportunity to meet fellow labour activists in your community and pick up materials to help reach out to members in your workplace.


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    Support paid sick leave for federal government workers, and for all workers across Canada, sign the pledge!
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    The Veterans Affairs office in Prince George has already been shut down and the Conservative government says that by February 2014, offices in Corner Brook, Charlottetown, Sydney, Thunder Bay, Windsor, Brandon, Saskatoon and Kelowna will be closing their doors to veterans too.
  • Pride events continue to expand across Ontario, demanding an end to discrimination, while promoting equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) communities.

    By using public space to promote inclusion, Pride offers the opportunity for LGBT communities to increase their visibility, build community and celebrate sexual diversity and gender expression.

    Pride events are open to everyone and members are encouraged to participate in events within their communities.

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