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  • Last year, Ontarians won major improvements in our employment standards and labour laws, to make them fairer for workers. After years of submissions from workers, public town-hall meetings, and many rallies, the Ontario legislature made Bill 148 the law.

  • The Red Dress Symbol

    Jaime Black, a Métis artist, launched The REDress Project in 2014. The installation art project involved collecting and hanging 600 red dresses symbolizing the hundreds of Indigenous women and girls whose lives were stolen.

  • Greetings PSAC Directly Chartered Local Members,

    The 2018 Directly Chartered Locals Conference is November 15-18th, 2018 in Toronto.  Please review the attached call-out letter and submit the registration form (found below) if you are interested in attending.

    Registrations must be received by end of day September 21st, 2018 and should be submitted to Administrative Assistant Beth Bennett via:

    EmailBennetB@psac-afpc.com or Mail: 480 Sovereign Rd. Unit 11 London, ON N6M 1A4 or Fax: 519-659-1132

  • ello PSAC Ontario Young Worker Activists!

    Are you interested in meeting other PSAC Ontario young activists and collaborating to shape our union and the broader labour movement?  If so, apply to participate in the PSAC Ontario 2018 Young Worker Summit!

    The Summit takes place October 24th – 26th, 2018  in Cornwall Ontario at the NAV Centre.

    The theme for the PSAC Ontario 2018 Young Worker Summit is:

    Value our Experience, Support our Growth, We are NOW!

  • Workers in Ontario have won tremendous improvements to labour laws in this province.

    One of these wins is that employers (under provincial jurisdiction), can no longer request doctors notes from workers when taking sick days (https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2017/06/08/sick-notes-to-be-banned-in-ontario-under-proposed-workplace-legislation.html).

  • Domestic violence impacts work life. In Canada, over a third of people have experienced violence at the hands of an intimate partner or ex-partner. The trauma and stress that victims experience frequently affects a worker’s ability to do their job.

    Impact of domestic violence at work

    For many, the violence doesn’t stop when they get to work. Over half of those who’ve experienced domestic violence say that at least one type of abuse act has occurred at or near the workplace. This can include abusive phone calls or text messages, stalking, or harassment near the workplace.

    Experiencing violence shouldn’t mean a loss of pay. Victims may need time off to attend medical appointments, get counselling, relocate, or meet with lawyers or police.

  • New PSAC Members Guide

    PSAC Ontario is proud to present a new members guide for new employees entering the PSAC family.

  • PSAC's "Stop workplace violence" content aims to raise awareness about workplace violence and bullying in the workplace.

    The following are concrete tools for workers and union leaders to identify and address workplace violence:

  • Currently, over 1500 people in Ontario are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Only 28% of Ontarians are registered donors, that’s 3.3 million out of an eligible 11.9 million people.

    Registering online to be an organ donor takes only 2 minutes, with 1 organ donor being able to save up to 8 lives. By registering, you are giving hope to so many in need.

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